Letizia Jaccheri

Professor, Department of Computer and Information Science NTNU

Contact info: letizia@idi.ntnu.no, 91897028

Disciplines: software, computer games

Relevant projects: 
- Kodeløypa (https://www.ntnu.no/skolelab/kodeloypa)
- Socratic (http://letiziajaccheri.org/)

Vilde Ulset

Research Assistant, Urban Design and Planning NTNU

Contact info: vilde.ulset@ntnu.no, 73595089

Disciplines: Urban, Global South, Development, Informal/Formal, Research Methods, Academic Writing

Relevant projects: Migrant Mobility, Incipient Informality, Disaster Resilience in India, Urban Development Trondheim

Ole Jørgen Nydal

Professor, Energy and Process Engineering NTNU

Contact info: ole.j.nydal@ntnu.no, 4797715994

Disciplines: Solar energy

Relevant Projects: Collaboration with universities in Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania and Mozambique on Renewable Energy (EnPe project 2015-2019)

Brita Fladvad Nielsen

Ph.D. Candidate, Product Design NTNU

Contact info: brita.nielsen@ntnu.no, 95424055

Disciplines: Industrial Design

Relevant projects: Framing humanitarian action through design thinking, Humanitarian Innovation. Link to projects:


David Sanderson

Professor, Urban Design & Planning NTNU

Contact info: david.sanderson@ntnu.no, +447525358525

Disciplines: Humanitarian aid, development, resilience, urban approaches

Relevant projects: Evaluations of humanitairna action; engagement with NRC, etc

Johannes B. Sigurjonsson

Associate Professor, Product Design NTNU

Contact info: johannes.sigurjonsson@ntnu.nom, 90192602

Disciplines: Product design and development

Relevant projects: Supervisor for PhD Project of Brita F. Nielsen

Webpage: https://designforselfreliance.wordpress.com/

Marta Molinas

Professor, Engineering Cybernetics NTNU

Contact info: marta.molinas@ntnu.no, +4794287670

Disciplines: Electrical Engineering and Control

Relevant projects: Projects in Bhutan, Paraguay, Nicaragua

David Smith

PhD candidate, Architecture and Fine Arts NTNU

Contact info: david.smith@ntnu.no, 48479240

Disciplines: Post-disaster reconstruction, Resilience, Architecture, Urban Planning

Relevant projects: Post-disaster resilience of marketplace projects in Haiti

Hans Skotte

Professor Emeritus, Urban Design & Planning NTNU

Contact info: hans.skotte@ntnu.no, 91821920

Disciplines: planning, housing, architecture

Relevant projects: Have had student projects in Africa, Asia