Oppdrag i Colombia med Caritas


Ingeniører uten grenser (IUG) Norge er i dag en interesseorganisasjon for ingeniørfaglig bistandsarbeid, og visjonen vår er å lindre nød ved ingeniørmessig bistand. Vi ønsker å samarbeide med andre bistandsaktører slik at vi i samspill skaper utvikling. IUG arbeider i grenselandet mellom næringslivet og bistandsbransjen, og har sitt hovedkontor i NITO sine lokaler i Oslo. Vi har lokale avdelinger med aktive studenter og yrkesaktive og er en del av det internasjonale nettverket Engineers Without Borders (EWB). IUG Norge har 600 medlemmer og er en ledende bidragsyter av ”pro-bono” ingeniørtjenester til andre bistandsorganisasjoner i Norge. 

1. Project background
Caritas Norway, Caritas Colombia and Noras Watertech / Gavita are collaborating on an Aquaponics project at the FARC camp Miravalle, south-east Colombia. The aim of the project is to contribute to reintegration of ex-member members in the context of the peace agreement while ensuring food production for own consumption, which in the long term can also generate income in the local market. 

While the technical aspects of the aquaponics system are well looked after by the Norwegian representatives, the lack of electricity in the area is one of the main challenges faced by the partners responsible for the onsite implementation (Farc and Miravalle community). Currently the community and the camp depend 100% on alternative power sources. There is an opportunity to implement a power solution that combines solar and hydro-power using the abundant water sources in the area (river and streams). Members of Miravalle community have been conducting studies of the river and the area and have a quite solid technical understanding. 

 The project is only a 6-month pilot project, and the development of energy sources must therefore be able to take place quickly with easy-to-use technology. 
 The project is funded by the Norwegian Embassy in Bogota. 
 The region lies at the border between the highlands and the Amazon region in the south east of Colombia. nearest cities are Florencia and Neiva

2. Aim/description of the assignment

To explore the feasibility of hydro-power in Miravalle, IUG has been already liaising with the project partners and providing input and would like to extend this advice with a field visit. To this aim, local partners need the expert advice and accompaniment of an engineer with knowledge and experience in the installation of hydropower plants and the integration of various alternative power sources. It is expected that IUG representative's sparring partner travels to the camp and advice on the implementation of a combined power supply solution using solar and hydro-power plants. The assignment will support the achievement of the main goal of the project, i.e. an aquaponics system running successfully, it will also contribute to building the capacities and skills of youth and reintegrated Farc members in rural Caquetá. 

3. Time period the engineer is expected to stay in Colombia
Since the project’s partners are now in the process of defining and procuring the required materials and infrastructure, it is expected that the engineer travels to Miravalle as soon as possible. Travel to Miravalle from Bogota takes about 3 – 4 hours. The duration of the assignment will be 12 days in February.


  • IUG’s engineer shall:
  •  Review the available studies and data in the area and conduct surveys.
  •  Support the design, procurement and installation of a hydro-power plant to be installed in Miravalle for the implementation of an aquaponics system.
  •  Support the integration of power and hydro-power solutions for the implementation of an aquaponics system.
  •  Provide advice on materials and infrastructure (technical specifications, costs and possible suppliers).
  •  Identify and warn on possible risks and environmental hazards that can jeopardize the implementation of a hydro-power solution.


  • Engineer with knowledge and experience installing hydropower plants and combining alternative power solutions.
  • This assignment may require two engineers since the task requires planning for a hydro-power plant and implementation of the energy system.
  • Engineer with competence on planning, design and implementation of hydro-power plant (bygg/anlegg)
  • Engineer with competence within energy systems/electrical installations (elektro)
  • Experience within practical project implementation, preferably international experience
  • Oral and written skills in Spanish or English. Project staff speak Spanish but translation to English may be required


  • Høyskole / Universitet

Personlige egenskaper

  • Flexible
  • Solution oriented
  • Team worker


  • Spansk
  • Engelsk

Vi tilbyr

  • Travel costs are covered by IUG, and accommodation, meals and local transport in Colombia are covered by Caritas.